Go Gentle into That Good Night

In his seminal article “How Doctors Die” in 2011, Dr. Ken Murray told the world at large what doctors already know, we don’t want for ourselves what we give to our patients...We die at home and with our family, with as little interference from drugs, surgery and radiation as humanly possible. We die with so very little of what we give our dying patients, that it begs the question “Why?”

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Saving Money on Good Health. Direct Primary Care and Your Business.

When you pay for something you expect to get something out of it. But, are you getting anything from the Healthcare you are buying for your employees? Are they healthier? Do they get good care? Do they have fewer sick days? Does any benefit accrue to you, the employer, for paying for this increasingly expensive service?

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Why Integrative Medicine?

So, the “why” of Integrative Medicine is that it gives me so many more tools to use for and with my patients. I can focus more on the Eastern philosophy of aligning the spirit to prevent and cure disease, while still having all of the very potent Western treatments to cure and treat disease that is further along.

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